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U-2 Spy Trial President Eisenhower speaks about the Powers Case 2:00
Space Triumph Discoverer Capsule recovered from orbit 1:29
Powers Case President Eisenhower comments on the need for gathering intelligence. 1:50
Space Race Discoverer-14 capsule recovered. 0:54
U-2 at the U.N. U.S. Ambassador to the UN defends use of U-2 spy plane. 2:16
The RB-47 Debate Ambassador Lodge debunks Soviet charges of spying 1:57
Open Skies Plan President Eisenhower offers photo planes to U.N. 2:14
U.N. Spy Debate Soviet Russia "bugs" the U.S. Embassy in Moscow 1:25
Sentry Satellite U.S. launches a missile-detecting satellite into orbit 0:53
Summit Crisis Soviet Russia displays wreckage of the U-2 Spy plane 2:08