Our Mission
Mission:  Innovative Overhead Intelligence Systems for National Security

Vision:  Supra Et Ultra

Core Values:  Integrity and accountability, mission excellence, and teamwork built
on diversity.

The National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) is a joint Department of Defense/Intelligence Community organization responsible for designing, building, and operating America’s reconnaissance satellites. These satellites gather signals intelligence (SIGINT) and imagery intelligence (IMINT) about events on Earth, to warn of potential threats, help plan military operations, and monitor the environment. The NRO primarily gathers intelligence about places the United States has limited access to, but still needs information on to support policymakers and the military.

Headquartered in Chantilly, Virginia, the NRO maintains ground stations at Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado; Fort Belvoir, Virginia, White Sands Missile Range New Mexico and a presence at the Joint Defense Facility Pine Gap Australia, and the Royal Air Force Base Menwith Hill Station in the United Kingdom. NRO spacecraft launch offices reside at Cape Canaveral AFB, Florida and Vandenberg AFB, California.