A Career in the NRO
Everyone likes to feel safe from dangers that threaten their family and freedoms. Just like you, TEAM RECON, the men, and women of the NRO feel the same way, which is why they work in challenging professions that contribute to keeping the United States safe 24-hours a day, seven days a week. By monitoring existing and potential threats directed toward America and its allies, NRO counters the fear of a surprise attack and creates situational awareness for policymakers and war fighters. The NRO’s commitment to the United States helps maintain peace in troubled areas of the world.

The NRO offers many interesting and rewarding career opportunities that give people from diverse backgrounds and interests the chance to contribute to the national security and the well-being of the United States, while excelling, learning, and growing in their chosen career. Most of our workforce have college degrees ranging from bachelor’s to doctorates. If you like to travel, NRO personnel work in the United States and overseas.

The NRO is a team-oriented environment. We seek highly motivated individuals with qualifications in systems, mechanical, electrical, aerospace, and other areas of engineering, as well as computer science, telecommunications, electronics, physics, and other scientific and technical disciplines. All of these are paths to work in developing national air and space-based reconnaissance systems.

Our workforce is composed of personnel primarily from the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the NRO does not directly hire employees. Rather, various agencies and organizations across the Intelligence Community assign individuals to the NRO.

A career in national intelligence implies a high level of trust, integrity, and intelligence. Applicants must be U.S. citizens and successfully complete security background checks, as well as medical exams and a polygraph interview. Therefore, how you behave and the ethical choices you make in conducting your daily life, are important factors in getting a job at the NRO.

If you are a member of TEAM RECON in high school and you are interested in an NRO career, concentrate on achieving a strong academic record, especially in math and science, and developing good oral and written skills. For more information on employment in the NRO or with any other part of the Intelligence Community go to: