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Pictures From Satellites

This is a beautiful shot of Pluto and its moon Caron. This shot was taken from the Hubble satellite.

(The picture on the opposite side of the page shows Pluto and its moon as being white dots amid a swirl of dark blue and black.)

This is a color enhanced picture taken from the Hubble satellite of the Cygnus loop, a 20,000 year old supernova located in the constellation Cygnus. It is 14,000 light years away. Satellites, like Hubble, can take these clear pictures because they look directly through the vacuum of space. Telescopes on Earth have the thick Earth’s atmosphere to look through, which can usually distort pictures of far away objects. Satellites like Hubble make the object seem like right next door.

(The picture on the opposite page shows the loop as swirls of pink, yellow, purple, and green surrounded by white dots.)

This is another picture taken from the Hubble space satellite of the M33 galaxy. The Galaxy is over 2.3 million light years away from Earth. Satellites can not only take images of objects far away, but can take pictures of the Earth up close. The next two pages show a weather satellite picture of the earth and the weather patterns. If you look closely, you can see hurricane Albert when it came ashore in northern Florida several years ago.

(The picture on the opposite side of this page shows the M33 galaxy as a swirl of green, yellow and white in the black of space. The pictures on the two following pages are black and white with the deepest white swirl being Hurricane Albert.)

This is a beautiful shot of the Moon taken from a satellite in Earth’s orbit.

(This black and white picture spanning two pages shows the white moon hanging in the darkness of space.)

These Earth view pictures were taken by a satellite. The picture below is of an erupting volcano on the island of Montserrat, West Indies, off the coast of South America.

(The erupting volcano appears as almost like an open flower of green and yellow with pink clouds billowing out of the center of it.) The picture on the right is of the Cape Canaveral launch site in Florida. (This picture is in variations of blue and green with white “bumps.”)

This is a beautiful satellite shot of the Capitol building in Washington DC taken from a NASA satellite and featured in their Application “World Wind.” You can get this very same application for your computer from

(This picture is on two pages and is in greens, browns and some white and clearly shows the Capital building, trees, and other surrounding buildings.)

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