NRO Jr: Kindergarten through 5th Grade - Text Only Home Page

Before entering NRO Jr K-5 site, the initial page pictures the National Reconnaissance Office’s (NRO) seal floating in outer space while in the background, planets move past the seal. Ollie the Satellite, a bronze square with large blue panels on each side and an NRO seal on his head, is perched on top of the seal and the logo NROjr is at the bottom of the seal. There is mystical music playing in the background. At the bottom of the page the instruction is to click on Ollie to enter the NROjr site.

Once inside the site the user is presented with the image of a brown bookshelf floating in outer space with the same mystical music from the previous page playing in the background. Ollie the Satellite and some planets occasionally float by in the background. There are instructions to left click on the book of choice and that book will come out of the bookshelf and open up. The user clicks on the lower left hand corner of the pages in the books to “turn” the pages.

There are seven brightly colored books on the shelf entitled from left to right:

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