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This is a book of some of Ollie’s favorite games. Turn the pages until you come to the game you want to play. Using your mouse, click on the picture of the game and it will pop-up in a new window, ready to play. Have Fun!! Please note that games will not work in Text Only mode.

There is a spaceship returning home from Mars. The ship’s navigation controls are badly damaged. The pilot is having problems finding his way through the asteroid belt that is between Mars and Earth. Can you help the ship find its way back home? To try it out, click on the picture on the right page to begin the game.

(There is an Asteroid Game on the opposite page of the text. The object of the game is to guide the silver spacecraft through the brown maze of twirling circles, avoiding the green asteroids, to land it safely.)

Ollie needs to hitch a ride into orbit on a space shuttle. Everything is ready for launch. All you have to do is press the red launch button and steer through the opening in the clouds to have a successful launch. If you run into or touch the clouds, you have to abort the launch and try again. Use the right and left arrows to steer. Press and hold the space bar to boost your speed. Good luck!

(On the opposite page of this text is a picture of an upright silver spacecraft ready for launch. There is a timer with a red launch button in the lower left-hand corner of the image. Clouds are rolling by at the top of the picture. The player presses the launch button and hopes to avoid the clouds so the spacecraft can launch successfully.)

It is very important that satellite computers retain information. To make sure they do, satellite computers run tests on their memory components to keep them in top condition. How about you? Have you tested your memory lately? Here is a game to test your ability to retain data. You have more than one level in the game, so try and see how well you do. Click on the boxes to reveal the images and try to match them up. Have fun!

(On the opposite page of the text there is a big black square within which there are six rows each with three boxes in them. There is a reset button and score keeper for rounds and matches and a banner saying “NROjr Memory Test” at the top.)

Some satellites are responsible for taking imagery of the Earth and objects in space. Many take the images in small pieces and put them together to create a whole picture. That makes them an expert at putting together puzzles in very little time. Are you good with puzzles? Why not try this one out to see what the satellite’s image is? Good luck!

(On the opposite page of the text there is the image of a jig-saw puzzle board with various pieces around it. The player must fit the puzzle pieces into the puzzle board square to create the picture.)

Just for fun, how are you at piloting a space ship from one landing point to the other? Want to try your luck? Pilot this space lander from one landing area (colored spaces) to the other without crashing. Watch your fuel tanks or you will burn all your fuel. You can land on fuel pads and fill up your tanks. This game has three levels. When you finish each level, just fly off to your right to the next level. Good luck!

(On the opposite page of the text there is a picture of a barren rocky planet surface in the dark of space. In the upper right of the screen is a counter for time and space lander fuel. The space lander is a blue ball with yellow and black stripes around the bottom part of it offset by two red balls and lander pads on the bottom. Jet-propulsion fire comes out of the bottom left and right as it flies around.)

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